We have sent 4 shipments of general medical supplies to the Tanzanian People’s Defense Forces. 95% of the patients at the TPDF military hospitals are civilians in need of basic medical care. We have worked with the TPDF for several years and are organizing more shipments to the country.


This September, surgeons from New York Presbyterian performed six open-heart surgeries on children at the Surgeons of Hope hospital in Nicaragua. We shipped supplies to assist the surgeons with these critical care procedures. When SOH built the pediatric cardiology hospital last year, Afya supplied many of the hospitals beds and pieces of OR equipment.


In addition to managing and growing our Rehab Program in Port au Prince, we have partnered with other organizations in Haiti to provide them with general medical supplies. We shipped consumable medical supplies to Hands up for Haiti, an organization that provides basic healthcare services for people in rural Haiti.

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