Tuscon Based World Care Donates Ebola Supplies Through Afya

Tuscon Based World Care Donates Ebola Supplies Through Afya

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – While Ebola concerns linger in the United States, humanitarian heath care workers struggle to treat the outbreak in West Africa.

Monday afternoon, the Tucson non-profit, World Care, sent donated medical supplies to help in the fight. The boxes, filled with gloves, masks, gowns and disinfectants will be loaded on a jet and used to aide the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

“It’s great to see that we can help — even the Tucson community — can help in some small way,” World Care’s Gwen Corner told 9OYS.

The donations are part of an initiative between World Care and the Afya Foundation. Danielle Butin founded New York-based Afya Foundation back in 2007 after a trip to Tanzania. Butin says she felt compelled to help after seeing the region’s desperate need for basic medical supplies firsthand.

“It’s an honor that this group in Tucson actually reached out to us,” Butin said via a Skype interview. “We are talking life and death and it is unimaginable to me, to see this level of need and not find a way to respond — anyway to respond.”

“This an opportunity for us to partner with [non-governmental organizations] that have huge hearts [and] a huge capacity across the country, like this group in Tucson, and make sure that every single supply that has been packed in a box is going to be used immediately once it is delivered to the airport,” Butin continued.

The aide follows the Centers for Disease Controls recent confirmation of a small handful of Ebola cases in the U.S.

Butin says since word of the outbreak spread, non-profits from across the country have contacted her foundation. Many looking for ways to help, Butin says, acting with compassion instead of fear.

Afya organizers say the Tucson donations should arrive in West Africa by the end of October.

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