Throughout the preparation for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, students are encouraged to participate in some form of community service. Afya can provide Jewish adolescents with an opportunity to volunteer their time and efforts, knowing that they will have a major impact on a community of people abroad.

We have a list of projects in need of support that can be tailored to meet the interests of students looking for a service-based project. We also welcome student led innovations – all ideas are welcome. The beauty of working with Afya is the knowledge that we will deliver 100% of all supplies collected to those in need in Haiti or Africa.


Benefits of Working with Afya

Participants will gain experience-based learning, and will see first-hand how one learns by doing, within an environment that supports this. More important than just collecting and dropping off supplies – they will be immersed in the entire process that provides a unique infrastructure for supporting emerging leaders.

Jewish teens will learn the skills needed to effectively identify/reach out to new donors to request donations of those humanitarian supplies that are specifically requested by healthcare facilities in developing nations.

The young adults will receive guidance as they collect supplies, pack them and raise funds for shipment. They will learn of the environmental relevance of this recovery work.

They will gain self-efficacy and invaluable/transformative experiences working with a non-profit organization, giving their time, contributing to the environment by decreasing landfill contents, and helping to improve health and quality of life in a community in need.

They will develop new skills in teamwork, leadership, social responsibility and marketing, as Afya will serve to build capacity for the teens’ outreach efforts.

The beauty of this program is that everyone wins – the young adults gain valuable team participation and leadership experience, the environment is respected, and hospitals/clinics in developing nations have access to medical and humanitarian supplies that they would otherwise never be able to acquire. If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating with Afya for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah project, we invite you to send your inquiry to indicating “Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project” in subject line.