Bio-Tech Internship Training Program

Afya has created a Bio Tech internship training program for Saunders Technical High School students who have a particular interest in electronics and engineering.

This 1-2 year training program offers exposure to the wide variety of equipment and instrumentation used in healthcare facilities. Junior and Senior High Students are afforded ample opportunity for hands on experience with biomedical equipment as well as typical test and analysis instruments used in testing, maintaining and troubleshooting such equipment. Demonstrations and lab exercises, with various types of biomedical instrumentation, provides a bridge for the concepts they have learned with practical applications in the field.

The small class size (8 students enrolled each year) provides each student with one-on-one mentoring with our in-house biomedical engineer. The class meets twice a week for two hours after school.


Candidate Requirements:

  1. 1. Knowledge of electronics and computers through either course work completed or substantial hobby experience.

  2. 2. Understanding of human biology is necessary to complete the program and coursework should be completed prior to internship application.


The Program Director is Alex Robinson, a biomedical engineer with fifteen years experience in local hospitals.

We believe in serving broadly and drawing locally. Our efforts improve access to healthcare worldwide and are deeply connected to our engagement and investment in our youth at home.

All interested students should contact Afya by July 15, 2016 for the September, 2016 program enrollment.

Please send all inquiries to

*This internship program is supported by the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation