MEDICAL Providers

Afya recovers supplies in three general categories:

1. Equipment and medical durables

2. Dead inventory/ consumables within 1 year of expiration date

3. Operating Room or Medical Floor consumables that were not contaminated during surgery.

CLICK HERE for HOSPITAL DONATION GUIDELINES. Afya can manage the logistics and transportation of donated goods to our warehouse, from any health center in the United States. We can also provide on site staff and logistical support to decant hospitals prior to renovations or closing.

“Knowing these supplies are being repurposed makes my own job more gratifying.”

Von E. Chaney
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Director of Patient Support Services

We recover supplies from most major medical centers in the Greater New York Metro area CLICK HERE for a current list of supply partner donors.

Due to regulations, each year hospitals throughout the United States discard 7,000 tons of clean, usable medical supplies worth over $20 billion. In New York, Afya has diverted 6,000,000 pounds of usable medical supplies from entering local landfills or incinerators and has redirected it to public health missions and disaster relief efforts in 56 countries.