Disaster Relief

At Afya, we’re busy every single day collecting, sorting, inventorying and shipping out medical and humanitarian supplies across the globe. But when a disaster hits—an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or epidemic—we have to spring into disaster mode. This brings an entirely different rhythm to our work.

Ebola in Sierra Leone

We responded to the deadly Ebola epidemic in Western Africa. We quickly targeted Sierra Leone because, although it was hard hit by the epidemic and severely lacking in supplies, most of the initial international aid was focused on Liberia. Galvanized by the stories of suffering and death, we reached out for donations and supplies. Soon we had over a million protective masks and a huge load of protective suits, bleach, masks, gloves and generators. The sheer volume of goods was overwhelming and much more than we could possibly store in our Yonkers space. As so often happens, one of our supporters saved the day—this time by loaning us a huge warehouse in New Jersey.

Droves of our amazing volunteers showed up in Yonkers for the annual Afya Sortathon and energetically packed 6,000 pounds of supplies. They became part of the total 89,000 lbs. of personal protective equipment and IV fluids that were airlifted to Sierra Leone for distribution to particularly vulnerable rural clinics. As the crisis continued, we also shipped almost 16,000 lbs. of supplies to a hospital in Liberia. We have shipped $1,025,744 worth of supplies to these two countries.

Earthquake in Nepal

Following the earthquake in Nepal, Afya airlifted 38,089 pounds of medical and humanitarian supplies valued at $474,167.44 to Grande International Hospital, Lake City Hospital and Critical Care Center, Kathmandu Model Hospital, NAMS Bir Hospital and Tevel B’Tzedek.

Refugee Crisis in Greece

Afya is packing significant airlifts and container shipments of supplies for Lesvos, Greece and Refugee Camps in the Middle East to support hospitals, health care providers and NGOs.

Over 35 pallets of supplies are currently being shipped, valued at over $500,000. The Jewish Coalition for Syrian Refugees is supporting these shipments.