Afya has begun responding to urgent needs in the American and British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Vieques.

We are awaiting a supply list, approved by FEMA, before we start collections. Please stay tuned for an approved list for supply collections.

Afya’s Hurricane Maria Response To Date:

1. Puerto Rico: Thirty five duffel bags of medical supplies are packed and staged for delivery.

2. Vieques: A plane heading to Vieques will transport our medical supplies, all were requested by the primary hospital on the island.

3. Mexico City: Working closely with the Mexican Consulate in New York, we secured a list of needed medical supplies in Mexico City. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee has funded an air shipment of 3 pallets of medical supplies to the Center for Epidemiological Contingencies and Disasters in Mexico City.

To donate funds to help us with shipments (air and sea) :


To volunteer and help us sort medical supplies for shipments, please contact:

To donate medical supplies or over the counter medications to this effort, please contact:

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  1. I have unused doses of lovenox(enoxaparin) 100MG/ML INJ because I am now on a different med. They are brand new in original packaging. Can they be of use to your organization??