Q: When is Afya open?

We are open Monday – Friday between 9am and 4pm.

Q: Can I go on a trip with Afya?

We do not offer volunteer programs abroad.

Q: Can I decide where my donated supplies go?

You can direct your financial donation to a specific program – such as our Maternal Health Initiative or the Haiti Rehab Project. The Afya staff decides where product donations are shipped based on the specific needs of our partners abroad.

Q: Where do the supplies come from?

We recover medical supplies from hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and individuals.

Q: Where do Afya's supplies go?

We have shipped supplies to 56 countries around the world. We primarily work with partners in African and Caribbean countries. CLICK HERE to see Afya's Reach

Q: What does Afya mean?

Afya means “health” in Kiswahili.


Q: Is Afya open on the weekends?

We are usually closed on the weekends. Large groups (more than 25 people) can schedule a weekend volunteer program by contacting Tarsha Herbert at tarsha.herbert@afyafoundation.org.

Q: Is there a dress code?

Volunteers should wear close-toed shoes.

Q: Can I bring a group?

We can accommodate groups up to 40 people but request that you get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Tarsha Herbert, to schedule a volunteer group with more than 10 people. Tarsha can be reached at tarsha.herbert@afyafoundation.org.

Q: Can I bring my child?

We welcome children ages 9 and up. We ask that volunteers under the age of 14 have a guardian accompany them to the warehouse.


Q: Do you accept food or clothes?

No, we generally do not accept these donations.

Q: If I drop supplies off at the Afya warehouse, will someone be there to help me?

Yes, Afya staff will be available to help you unload your donated supplies.

Q: Where are the drop-off locations?

Plaza Jewish Community Chapel – 630 Amsterdam Ave. at 91st Street. Drop off hours: M- F 8am – 3pm; (212) 796 – 4400 (ask for Stephanie). East End Temple – 245 East 17th Street. Drop off hours: M-Thur. 9am – 5pm; (212) 477 – 6444 (ask for Sharon). New Life Community Health Center – 82-10 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst. (718) 565 – 9844 (ask for Dave Jennings). ARC of Westchester – 567 Yonkers Avenue. Drop off hours: M-F 9:30 – 3; (914) 963 – 1600 (ask for Tim, Mark or Benny). ARC of Westchester – 12 Greenridge Avenue, White Plains. Drop off hours: M-F 9:30 – 3; (914) 428 – 4997 (ask for Clarence or Milly). ARC of Westchester – 10 Country Center Road, White Plains. Drop off hours: M-F 9:30 – 3; (914) 468 – 2424 (ask for Adele or Alan). Ossining – 183 Cedar Lane, Ossining. (914) 923 – 9209 (ask for Anne).

Q: Is there a charge for pick-ups?

There is a $50 tax deductible charge for home pick-ups.

Q: How long does it take for my hospital bed to be picked up?

Hospital beds are generally picked up within two weeks of contacting Afya.

Q: What type of hospital beds do you accept?

Hospital beds must be semi-electric and have a manual override (they are usually brown metal framed beds).

Q: Will Afya pick up supplies from my house?

We pick up hospital beds from individual homes in the NY metro area. Smaller donations should be dropped off at the warehouse or at one of our drop off locations.

Q: Do you accept medications?

We DO NOT accept prescription medications. We DO accept over-the-counter meds and vitamins.

Q: Do you accept expired supplies?

No, we do not accept expired supplies.

Q: Will I receive a tax donation letter?

Yes. For financial donations, you will receive a letter specifying the amount donated. For product donations, you will receive a letter acknowledging the donation; the letter is not itemized.