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  1. Can you send me an informational packet I can go to hospitals and nursing homes to request the supplies they throw out??? Do you have some information sheet for the general public??? I would pay postage and send you the stuff thank you

  2. will you take: Jevity 1.5 cal formula, 11 cases (264 8oz. cans), (exp. 5/16-8 cases), (exp. 6/15-1 case), (exp. 7/15-2 cases) Jevity 1 cal formula, 6 cases (144 8oz. cans), (exp. 4/16), Vital 1.5 formula vanilla, 4 cases (96 8 oz cans), (exp. 12/15) Alcor Feeding Bags, 61 units, 1,200ml capacity Medline 55 units, 6' 3/16" dia. feeding tubes Medline 19 units, 12' 1/4" dia. feeding tubes TOTALS (21 Cases (504 8oz. cans) of Formula)(74 feeding tubes)(61 feeding bags)

  3. I want to donate Prime Engineering Grandstand II standing frame machine. Over 10 years old but slightly used.

  4. I have 2 wheel chairs, 3 walkers a port a potty, a high top toilet seat, and sower stool let me know if you cause them.