Individual Volunteer Form


  • Parent Information (if required)


  • In connection with my volunteer activities at and for The Afya Foundation of America, Inc., a non-profit charitable organization (“Afya”), I hereby agree, for myself, my heirs, assigns, executor and administrators to release and discharge Afya, its officers and directors, affiliates, employees, agents and volunteers from all claims, demands, and actions for injuries, losses or damages of any kind sustained or suffered by me or to my person and/or property as a result of my involvement in such activities, whether or not resulting from negligence of any party, and I agree to release and hold Afya, its officer and directors, affiliates, employees, agents and volunteers harmless from any cause or action, claim, suit or loss or damage of any kind arising therefrom. I agree to grant Afya the right to use my name and image in all forms and media. I hereby attest that my attendance and involvement in such activities is voluntary, that I am participating at my own risk, and that I have read the foregoing terms and conditions of this release.