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  • Custom Containers: Supplies for Life

    Afya first asks that recipient hospitals and clinics create a “wish-list” of the supplies and equipment they need. Afya then uses its broad network of donors to do its best to match these requested items.
  • Haiti Rehab Project

    AFYA developed the first model for homecare and local access to rehab medicine; it is unlike any other in Haiti. This program continues to thrive and expand. It involves training Haitians to become Rehab Techs or Adaptive Builders.
  • Save A Life...
    Luggage For Life

    The Afya Foundation’s Luggage for Life program is an easy way to give back to the community you are visiting and spread good health. Learn more about how to personally deliver much needed supplies to a health center of your choice while traveling abroad.

Marching with my daughter, cousin and dear friend, along with 500,000 others in DC yesterday, filled me with pride and honor. And as cliché as this may sound, I felt like we belonged instantly to a powerful and collaborative community. “All for one and one for all” – this feeling permeated the air, in front of and next to each of us. Pink hats colored the sky scape, brilliant signs were held high and we sang songs of justice and perseverance. The men who walked hand in hand with this sisterhood intermittently called out “her body her choice” and women responded “my body my choice” in a strong and impressive harmony of reciprocity. Strangers extended their hand to help others scale walls and fences to circumvent barricades (literally!), eyes of strangers were sought out, gazes held and generous wide, warm and welcoming smiles were offered. It was ...

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