Afya’s 12,000-ft2 warehouse in Yonkers, NY serves as a community service center for students, religious institutions, corporations and neighborhood organizations. Each year we rely on over 2,500 volunteers who contribute a combined 20,0000 hours of service to inventory, sort and pack our medical supplies.

volunteer-group There are several ways to GIVE TIME, here are a few:

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“Afya has been very instrumental in helping us get medical equipment and supplies to clinics and health centers related to our partners in Kenya. They have helped pack duffel bags and provided assistance with manifests and customs clearance. They are a fantastic resource! We cannot say enough good about them!”
Corinne - Health Care Provider in Malawi
“Great speaker, Danielle Butin, great cause sending medicines and medical supplies to places in the world where they are desperately needed.”
Scarsdale/Hartsdale Interfaith Council
“Everyone who works here is so enthusiastic and love what they are doing to help others. From the second I walked in as a volunteer, I’ve felt so welcomed and really feel like the work I am doing is going to make a difference. I’m working on their new Birth Kit project and even though I am a student volunteer, I feel like everyone thinks that I can really help with this campaign and it is a great feeling. I love everything about the organization- it is truly amazing! “
Claudia - Health Care Worker
I think this is an extraordinary, user-friendly charity that is conceptually brilliant. My wife has organized several successful drives in our community and synagogue. and last year we had a 60th birthday celebration for the two of us at which we invited 34 c lose friends to bring donated supplies and spend 4 hours with us at Afya’s warehouse packing those supplies and other donated supplies, to be shipped to Africa as part of birthing kits.
Bill Volunteer
“You can see it on someone’s face when they have the passion to be a life changer. Danielle has it and lives her work. I Love meeting women that empower and motivate when they speak. I look forward to speaking with her again and learning.”
“the speaker Danielle Butin was so good that volunteers from Rotary are insisting they go over to Afya in Yonkers to check it out! You never know what will be outstanding until you listen to it, I find.”