Help us Help Refugees Arriving in Lesvos

Help us Help Refugees Arriving in Lesvos


There are currently thousands of families displaced by war throughout Europe. With thousands of refugees pouring into Greece daily, camps are understaffed and families are living in harsh and cold conditions.

Danielle and Sarah just completed an in-country needs assessment for medical supplies on the island of Lesvos, Greece.

Afya is committed to sourcing supplies needed by the medical leadership of Lesvos and building their capacity to offer and deliver care that is free of charge.


Initial Sites of Support:

Mytilini Hospital: The only hospital on Lesvos offers care free of charge to citizens and refugees. With over 500,00 refugeesarriving, they run out of supplies daily and often have to cancel procedures due to a lack of medical resources. The hospital leadership has provided a robust list of supplies, equipment and medical furniture needed.

Coast Guard Boats: The boats rescuing refugees from drowning in freezing temperatures, have no defibrillators or cardiac/respiratory resuscitation supplies. The Greek Emergency Care Physician, leading all rescue efforts, has submitted a thorough request list of supplies needed to save lives during rescue. Approximately, 4500 refugees are coming to Lesvos daily, many hypothermic and in need of urgent medical care.


Afya’s Partners in Greece:

  • IOCC
  • Apostoli
  • Orthodox Church
  • SALAS Group
  • Lesvos Medical Association
  • Hellenic Coast Guard


* Shipments are financially supported by the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief


How to Help

  1. To make a financial donation to support additional container shipments, please click here:

  2. If you are traveling to Lesvos, or an island in Greece that is actively involved in the refugee crisis, please purchase a Luggage for Life duffel bag of medical supplies and deliver it to providers on the ground. To help deliver a bag of supplies, please click here:

Please support our work with the refugee crisis in any way you possibly can!


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