Give the Gift of Health – Delivered in a Duffel Bag

Give the Gift of Health – Delivered in a Duffel Bag

lfl-strip-1-1024x458Give the gift of saving a life, by purchasing a duffel bag of medical supplies to be delivered by travelers worldwide. Every day, medical mission workers and travelers come to Afya and request help with duffel bags of vitally needed medical supplies. By purchasing a bag, you help us to increase the number of bags these travelers can carry and deliver as they embark on their journey of service abroad.

This gift will change a person’s life and their family’s and it happens with just one bag at the right time and place.

Please give the gift of health this holiday season.

Every single one of us deserves health care, when its needed most.

In lieu of (or in addition to) gifts this season, give the gift of health.

You will receive an emailed note from us, acknowledging your Luggage for Life gift to be shared with loved ones.

To purchase a Luggage for Life Duffel for $100, please click here:

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