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Will power was all it took for Mark Malkoff and his wife Christine to undertake a project of world changing proportions. See how they managed to stay awake and volunteer for 48 hours straight!


  1. 48 Hours of the Power of One

    Did you know the average cost to ship a container filled with donated medical supplies to areas in need is $35,000? If each person who reads these words donated just $5, these supplies will reach their destination! Help Mark reach his goal of 20k by donating HERE!
    $545.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal


If you’re like us, you watched that video and thought “I want in on this crazy adventure”! Well, you’re in luck! Fall 2019 Afya and Mark Malkoff will be combining forces to have our first ever 48 hours Power Of One Sort-A-Thon! 48 hours of wild and crazy good fun with loads of surprises, and of course lots and lots of doing good! But don’t fret, the 48 hour shifts are reserved for Mark and Christine! With 2-3 hour shifts, everyone can be involved! And we do mean everyone!  With new details and new surprises on the horizon, get registered now, to be a part of the party! Click BELOW to sign up now!


On Tuesday October 23rd Mark Malkoff volunteered for 48 hour straight at the Afya Foundation in Yonkers, NY. Afya Foundation put Mark to work by sorting medical supplies, receiving incoming donations, training new volunteers, answering phones, preparing a shipment bound for Ghana, and even cleaning the bathrooms!

Malkoff decided to partner with Afya Foundation to draw attention to the importance of volunteering and the work their foundation has been doing. “We have done lots of crazy things over the years,” said Malkoff, “but this experience was bigger than us.” “Never underestimate the power of one. Everyone can make a difference in the life of another,” said Danielle Butin, Founder, CEO. “The volunteer’s hands are the last to touch the supplies before they are delivered and unpacked by providers abroad. The invisible life-saving hand off is a beautiful and powerful one. And we are so excited that through Mark Malkoff we will be offering this opportunity to so many more through the 48 Hour Power of One Sort-A-Thon!”



Mark Malkoff’s internet video challenges include living and sleeping in IKEA for a week, visiting and making purchases at all 171 Starbucks stores in Manhattan in less than 24 hours, and racing a MTA bus one mile on 42nd Street while riding a child’s big wheel.You can check out Mark’s work at


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