Custom Containers: Supplies for Life

How We Work:

Afya works with doctors, nurses and administrators on the ground in African, Latin American and Caribbean nations to ascertain the specific needs of healthcare centers in these regions. This information allows us to customize the medical supply shipments so that each public health mission receives the exact equipment that it requires. Our model recognizes that not all hospitals and clinics abroad face the same public health conditions and our extensive inventory allows us to tailor our shipments to each partner on the ground.

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Afya’s Shipments To Date:

$26 million worth of medical supplies and humanitarian aide shipped abroad since 2008

192 40-ft. containers of medical shipped or airlifted abroad

68 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean have received Afya supplies


Afya In Action: Case Example of Building Capacity in Idjwi

As the group of Idjwians carried medical supplies and equipment from the shore to their tiny ill-equipped clinic, they spoke excitedly to one another. “This is real! This is happening!” they said. At the Amani Global Works clinic in Idjwi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, staff members proudly held up new uniforms and, unpacking two microscopes, rushed to set up their first-ever functional lab. The cabinets were soon stocked with surgery kits, stethoscopes, syringes and more. Jacques Sebisaho felt his heart fill with emotion.

Tiny Idjwi Island has only a handful of doctors for its poverty-stricken, mostly rural population of over 250,000. Nearly 3,000 people die on Idjwi each year from preventable causes. An American-trained Congolese doctor whose parents were born on the island, Jacques has made working to improve the health of people in places like Idjwi his life’s work.

This was the first time in many years of going to Idjwi that Jacques had been able to bring supplies. Afya partnered with Jacques and Amani Global Works to ship 32,000 lbs. of medical supplies to the island; since it’s opening, the hospital and clinics have treated over 10,000 people with the help of Afya’s supplies.