Hurricane Dorian Relief


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Afya is responding to the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.  We are monitoring and reaching out to partners to establish an immediate relief response to Hurricane Dorian.

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How You Can Help Those Affected:

donate financially

Your donations will help us ship vitally needed supplies this week.  The supplies we will pack and ship have all been donated to us from the Greater NY area.

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Donate supplies

Humanitarian supplies are monumental. Help us provide personal care items to those who desperately need them.

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Start a supply drive at your business, place of worship, or neighborhood.

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Sort Supplies

Come to our warehouse and assist in sorting supplies to be sent.

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Afya Luggage For Life

If you’re traveling to affected areas for relief efforts, bring a duffel with you.

afya luggage for life

Amazon wish list

We have created an Amazon wish list to make it easy to help with supplies.

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downloadable list

Download, print and share the list of needed supplies for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Donate Supplies

The generosity of the American-Jewish Joint Distribution Commitee (JDC) has enabled Afya to deeply respond to, and provide assistance to those affected by this epic natural disaster and Hurricane Dorian’s untold damage.