Are You a

Medical Institution?

Are you a health center, hospital, clinic, community health provider or nursing home?

Afya Recovers Supplies in Three General Categories:

Equipment and durables that work but are being replaced with newer technology;

Inventory/ consumables that are still within expiration date and not damaged;

Operating Room or Medical Floor consumables that were not contaminated during surgery or medical care

(e.g. those that were on the back table in surgery and never used or bedside unused medical supplies).

How Does

Your Donation Help?

Afya manages the logistics and transportation of donated goods to our warehouse, from any health center in the United States. We can also provide on-site staff and logistical support to decent hospitals prior to renovations or closing.
Contact us at 914-920-5081 with questions or use our complete a donation form here.



To Donate Durables / Equipment:

  • Items must be in decent working order, safe for use, reasonably clean and in acceptable physical appearance;
  • Provide dated approval from Biotech (confirming good working condition of equipment);
  • Provide accessory parts/ products for the equipment, if available and if in inventory;
  • Provide manual, if available, for donated equipment. Any schematic illustration or maintenance manual for the product is appreciated.

To Donate Consumables:

  • Items must be within expiration (1+ year)
  • We cannot accept any pharmaceuticals;
  • Supplies must not be contaminated by body fluid or blood
  • All items may be combined into boxes/bags.


View Complete List of Items that We Can NOT Accept

View Complete List of Items That We Can Accept


Regulations / Guidelines

  •  Donor must clear any items identified under FDA Rules.
  • If donation has a Device Tracking Requirement (Federal Law 21 CFR Parts 8), it must have proper paper work.
  • All included fluid containers must be empty and fluid lines must be flushed.
  • All disposable batteries must be removed.
  • Aged or leaking rechargeable batteries must be removed.

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