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Afya CANNOT Accept the Following:

• Contaminated supplies (body fluid or blood)
• Pharmaceuticals
• Feeding pumps and/or supplies
• Ostomy Supplies
• Non-sterile sutures
• Clothing
• Book
• Hearing aids
• Shoes
• Household beds/ mattresses
• Printers/ copiers
• Food
• Prosthetics
• Electric wheelchairs
• Chair lifts (over stairs)
• Hoyer lifts
• Electric beds
• Large household appliances (washers, dryers, stoves)

afya foundation prohibited items

Donation Regulations/ Guidelines

  • Donor must clear any items identified under FDA Rules.
  • If donation has a Device Tracking Requirement (Federal Law 21 CFR Parts 8), it must have proper paper work.
  • All included fluid containers must be empty and fluid lines must be flushed.
  • All disposable batteries must be removed.
  • Aged or leaking rechargeable batteries must be removed.
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