Custom Shipment

Afya’s core mission is to improve healthcare delivery in underserved communities around the world. Afya accomplishes this goal by coordinating with local medical professionals “on the ground” and facilitating customized shipments of supplies that improve local health systems.

Afya’s Model

Afya invites healthcare practitioners and administrators to identify medical supplies and equipment they need to deliver care. The life-saving supplies are sorted and packed with care from Afya’s warehouse in Yonkers, NY.

Every medical supply project is unique, as each facility has different and specific needs.

We recognize that a variety of products are needed to improve access and care and do our best to respond to comprehensive requests.

Our biomedical department enables us to improve the lifespan of donated equipment. All biomedical equipment and instrumentation must pass AAMI, BSI, WHO and FDA standards before it leaves the Afya warehouse.

The process


Recipients submit a recovery fee for their project which covers a portion of the total costs to Afya of: Rescuing, Testing, Sorting, Warehousing, Packing and delivering a custom shipment. The model is cost-effective and helps those in resource-poor areas access supplies and equipment that would otherwise be unaffordable.  Our staff works closely with partners abroad, every step of the way.  Afya exists to support each organization’s ability to deliver healthcare.

The Short List

The recovery fee is determined and communicated quickly and is based on the location of the country for delivery and requested items.

If less than a full container of supplies is requested, we have several options for smaller shipments.

The organization we work with (ship to abroad) will secure shipping documentation and duty-free/ tax-free status for the shipment. Most often, this is provided by the Country’s Ministry of Finance.

The organization will name a consignee to receive the container in the country.

The organization will name a clearing agent (in the country) to work on the organization’s behalf to release/clear the shipment through customs.


The organization will send Afya a request list of items needed.

An appropriate representative of the organization will complete and sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Afya.

The organization will be responsible for sending Afya photos of the items once they have reached their destination, as well as a short “story of impact”.

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