Disaster Relief Efforts

Afya is uniquely positioned as a nimble and proactive first responder, a hub, in times of urgent need. Our tenacious approach to relief has allowed us to circumvent harrowing conditions to deliver comprehensive aid to those most in need, ultimately bridging the gap between life and death.

This immediacy, however, is enhanced by the resolute determination of our partners – to step forward quickly and to give back. When a disaster strikes —an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or epidemic— the impact is especially devastating and Afya springs into action.

Afya works with healthcare professionals and the infrastructure of the impacted region to identify the specific, pressing healthcare needs “on the ground.” This is an essential step that allows us to provide just what’s needed to address critical health, surgical and humanitarian needs when disasters strike.

As part of our disaster relief efforts, Afya has sent 3 million pounds of emergency supplies to Haiti, Japan, Pakistan, Greece, Syria, and Puerto Rico following the occurrence of severe natural disasters.

Within 48 hours of a natural disaster

Afya becomes a hub, a dependable arena, for impactful humanism.

Here are the ways in which all stakeholders can get immediately involved:

Donate financially to support the hub’s capacity to immediately respond and deliver supplies to the impacted region.

Contact Afya for a list of critically needed supplies (from the impacted region’s infrastructure) to plan a collection drive

Donate medical and humanitarian supplies on the request list from the region.

Join us at our Yonkers warehouse to sort and pack materials for shipment