Afya Luggage for Life – Partnership with San Juan Marriott

Afya is proud to announce its partnership with the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino and Accion Social in San Juan.
If you are traveling to Puerto Rico and staying at the San Juan Marriott, carry an Afya Luggage for Life bag with you.

Afya is proud to announce its partnership with the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino and Accion Social in San Juan.

This partnership will serve vulnerable populations in Puerto Rico by delivering vital medical supplies to the medically frail and elderly.

Our partnership will vastly improve the capacity of Accion Social’s elder care workers, who visit families in their homes, follow up on patients with recent medical crises, and attend to the needs of the entire community.

It’s easy to join our Afya Luggage for Life Travel Team

Simply bring an Afya duffel filled with vital medical supplies to Puerto Rico.

With a $150 donation, Afya will send you a box of needed medical supplies and a duffel bag in the mail.

Then, you will pack the supplies in the Afya Luggage for Life bag and transport the bag as a checked piece of luggage.

You will deliver the bag to the hotel staff, and later Accion Social will collect the bags and deliver the supplies to patients in need.

Help us help those served by Accion Social! You can change lives in Puerto Rico, one Afya Luggage for Life bag at a time.

To participate, click the application button and we will ship you a box of supplies, a duffel bag to repack them into, and a customs clearance letter to use upon arrival.


Travel with philanthropy and heart.

Spread the word. Afya Luggage for Life is available worldwide.

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