Ship Off Race

What Is The Shipoff Race?

In honor of Afya’s 10-year Anniversary, Afya is asking area high schools to help raise funds to ship a container filled with medical supplies to individuals in need. Shipping a container abroad costs $35,000 but when communities band together, they can make a difference! Every dollar counts and there is no minimum requirement to participate. You will create a movement to raise awareness and the faster the word gets out, the faster we reach our goal!

What if my school raises the most in contribution toward a shipment?

All participating schools will receive a certificate of participation along with an on-site visit by Afya Founder and CEO, Danielle Butin.

If your school is the leader in the race, and outpaces the competition, your school will be awarded an on-site sorting party for up to 100 participants. We’ll celebrate your victory together!


How can my high school get involved ?

It’s easy. As soon as at least one student decides to lead your school’s efforts, they will act as the main contact(s) to the Afya Foundation. Please notify your school administration regarding your participation.

Please contact Mary Grace Pagaduan, Volunteer Manager at 914-920-5081 or via email

Once your contact information is received, you will receive a Ship-Off Race Kit which will help get you started!


When can we start?

The race officially begins on October 1st and ends December 31st. Once you receive your Starter Kit, you can start spreading the word immediately. The cumulative impact of your efforts will help save lives of the most vulnerable in our global community.


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