Afya’s Response to Coronavirus



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How You Can Help Those Affected:

Donate supplies

The Greater New York area is in desperate need of Personal Protection Equipment for our Health Workers.

Learn more about how to donate needed materials to Federally Qualified Health Centers and Hospitals on the front lines.

Needed Supplies
  • Masks (all types) and N95
  • Face Shields  
  • Goggles/Eye protection
  • Procedure Gloves
  • Disposable Gowns and Coveralls
  • Disinfectant Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Learn How You Can Donate Supplies

Create Your Own Campaign

Help Afya fundraise to support our work of purchasing and delivering vital medical material.

Consider starting an individual fundraiser to share with your network, such as:
  • A marathon, read-a-thon, or bike-a-thon with your family
  • An online event such as a webinar, yoga class, or dance party
  • Selling goods with the profit going to Afya
  • Any other creative fundraising initiative

Create Your Own Campaign

Afya’s Impact

Masks delivered to healthcare workers

Healthcare facilities received supplies

New York hospitals received supplies

New York Community Agencies received supplies

Pounds of PPE delivered to healthcare workers

Federally qualified health centers and emergency response teams received supplies

donate financially

Your donations will help us ship vitally needed supplies this week.  The supplies we will pack and ship have all been donated to us from the Greater NY area.

Make a Donation

Keep up with us

Visit our news page to keep up with updates and news about how Afya is responding to this pandemic, and what you can do to help those affected.

Covid-19 News

How to Make PPE

Masks, goggles, and face shields are in short supply around the world, but nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers need it in order to stay safe and continue working.

How to Make PPE

Art For Afya

Tell us about your time at Afya, a hope for Afya’s future, a lesson you learned at the warehouse, a reflection about volunteering, or more!

Art For Afya

The generosity of Regeneron, UJA Federation of New York, and the CDC Foundation have enabled Afya to provide vital medical supplies to local and global partners fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.