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Hundreds of hospitals, health centers, nursing homes and medical providers donate supplies and equipment to Afya. Each year, American hospitals discard 7,000 tons of clean, usable medical supplies worth over $20 billion and The Afya Foundation diverts more than a million pounds of these goods from greater NY landfills. Domestic regulations require that these medical supplies go unused. In the meantime there are many clinics and hospitals abroad in vital need of the tools and equipment required to deliver medical care. Afya successfully recovers these surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions from U.S. healthcare, corporate and private communities.

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Currently, throughout the United States, after a loved one dies at home, family and caregivers are faced with the challenge of determining what to do with remaining medical supplies and equipment. For example, the hospital bed, wheelchair and adult diapers that held a loved one, at the end of their life, cannot be returned to the supply vendor. When families inquire about what to do with these materials, they are told to dispose of the items or create a plan themselves. For most families, this leads to discarding all remaining equipment and supplies. Afya provides a supportive and much needed response to this emotionally challenging process by providing a means to help others as a curative factor through grief.

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