Frequently Asked Questions

Afya delivers life-saving medical supplies, equipment, and humanitarian goods to those in need around the world. There are numerous ways for individuals and organizations to contribute and get involved. Here are some questions we get a lot! 


What does Afya mean?
Afya means “health” in Kishwahili.
When is Afya Open?
  • Due to the widespread threat of Covid-19, the Afya warehouse is not currently open to volunteers. Please check back for more info as the situation changes.
  • There are numerous ways to be involved from home! Please refer to the Volunteer page for more info.
  • We are still operating at normal hours, 9am – 5pm, and can be in contact with you during these hours.
  • We are still accepting material donations. Please refer to the Donate Supplies page for more info.
Where is Afya?
  • Afya is located at 140 Saw Mill River River Road in Yonkers, New York.
  • Volunteers enter the warehouse on the second floor of the building!
Why are so many Medical Supplies wasted and end up at Afya?
  • The US has significant regulations in place that require supplies to be discarded under certain conditions, regardless of sterility or use.
  • The US is an advanced technological society where equipment is updated and innovated steadily. This innovation creates an enormous opportunity for rescue.


Do you pick up donations?
  • Our truck is only available to pick up from hospitals, large facilities, clinicians’ offices, and individuals who have hospital beds to donate. There is a fee of $100 for pickup. (Contact and phone for pickup). Generally, we schedule a bed pickup 3 weeks in advance.
  • Pick ups are more limited due to Covid-19.
  • Please refer to the Donate Supplies page for more info on what material we accept
Is Afya a registered 501c3? Will I get a donation receipt for my donation?
  • Yes, we are! Our IRS Tax ID EIN is 26-1300361
  • You will get a receipt emailed to you after each donation
I have supplies I’d like to donate. How can I do this?
  • Click here to see the Acceptable Supplies Page
  • During Covid-19, Afya is only accepting donations at the warehouse.
    • Please call ahead to make sure someone is available to help you unload your vehicle. (914)-920-5081. You can either bring the supplies upstairs or someone will help you unload at our loading dock. We are able to accept donations from 10am until 3pm, Mondays through Fridays.
  • Keep a list of the items you’re donating to us for your tax records.
Do you accept medications?
  • We do not accept any pharmaceuticals or medications
  • For more information, please refer to the Donate Supplies page.
Do you accept expired supplies?
  • We cannot accept expired supplies. These items cannot be shipped because they won’t clear customs internationally. Learn more on the Donate Supplies
I’m going on a medical mission. How can I request and receive supplies?

You can apply to the Afya Luggage for Life Please note that there is a fee associated with the program!

I need medical supplies. Can I receive supplies from Afya?
  • If you are a medical facility in need of material, you can apply to receive material on the Receive material page. Please note that requested deliveries come with a required fee.
  • Individuals are not eligible to receive material, unless they are medical practitioners associated with a healthcare facility.

Getting Involved

How can I get involved?

We have many ways you can help! Click any link below to learn more!



Donate Supplies


I have a group of people who want to volunteer, how do I arrange this? How many people can I bring?
  • During Covid-19, families and small groups can volunteer outside of the warehouse. Please see the Volunteer page for more information and to sign up.
  • Other groups such as religious organizations, corporations, clubs, service organizations, and others may also set up special volunteer opportunities such as sorting medical supplies, running fundraising events or challenges, making PPE, and more. Please see the Volunteer page.
Can someone from Afya come out and speak to a group of people about the work?

Yes! When scheduling permits, Danielle is available as a speaker. Contact for requests and arrangements!

Can I travel or take a trip with you?

Afya supports the infrastructure of existing health clinics and we travel infrequently.

I’m travelling outside of the US and want to take a bag of supplies with me. How can I arrange this?


Delivering medical supplies to individuals who need them is an amazing addition to any vacation. Click here to learn more about Afya Luggage for Life.

I want to hear more about the Afya Foundation! How do I stay in touch?
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