Afya is delivering first aid, wound care, personal hygiene supplies, and more to communities struggling this hurricane season & you can help!
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The Afya Foundation provides organizations around the world with donated medical supplies, including

  • Consumable Medical Supplies

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Surgical Equipment

  • Biomedical Equipment

Quality healthcare is only as good as the practitioners and their tools.  In under-resourced communities, a critical shortage of medical supplies prevents healthcare professionals from doing their jobs.  Imagine birth centers without sterile gloves and umbilical clamps; imagine hospitals with 1 ventilator for hundreds of patients; imagine the acute medical needs arising from natural disasters.  These are the realities for countless underserved communities all over the globe.

The lack of even basic healthcare supplies has a negative impact on health outcomes and results in an exodus of quality health practitioners from struggling healthcare systems – just where they’re needed most.  It’s a vicious cycle that leads to unnecessary human suffering and death that is often preventable!

Hospitals, clinics and disaster relief organizations contact Afya with requests for medical equipment and supplies that build quality healthcare capacity and fulfill acute medical needs when disasters strike. Afya pays careful attention to the supply and equipment request lists in order to send individually tailored shipments to each partner in need.

Afya sets itself apart from others conducting similar work. With a dedicated quality control department that tests, verifies and repairs all medical equipment, Afya is able to meet or exceed the World Health Organization’s core principles of good medical donation. 

Our Biomedical Department enables us to improve the lifespan of donated equipment. All biomedical equipment and instrumentation must pass AAMI, BSI, WHO, and FDA standards before it leaves the Afya warehouse.

Recipients have financial responsibility for the selection, packing and shipping of supplies worth 3-4 times the value of their investment.