Our Impact

Afya acts quickly, becoming a dependable partner in securing impactful, sustainable relief for underserved health systems around the world.

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Millions more people can receive care because of Afya’s customized shipments of medical and humanitarian supplies.

Without Afya’s customized shipments, patients may have to travel for miles and spend money they don’t have to receive care or go without critical medical services.

$49.5 million worth of lifesaving supplies delivered to date.


Stronger health systems create healthier communities.

Not only is Afya addressing the critical shortage of medical supplies within the communities it works, but our innovative model continues to impact the health care of future generations. By delivering the tools needed to provide quality health care, communities retain local health care providers and ensure better health outcomes for patients for years to come.

Hundreds of unique projects have delivered medical supplies to partners in 79 countries.

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Rescuing usable health and humanitarian supplies that otherwise be discarded means divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills.

11.6 million pounds of supplies have been diverted from U.S. landfills.