Our Impact

Afya acts quickly, becoming a dependable partner in securing impactful, sustainable relief for underserved health systems around the world.

11 million
Pounds of usable medical supplies and equipment rescued from US landfills
4 million
Pieces of PPE delivered in the US and abroad in 2020
Volunteers each year of all stripes and abilities, enriching their lives through helping people they may never meet

Committed for Over a Decade

For thirteen years, Afya has delivered over 11 million pounds of recovered medical supplies to underserved health systems in over 79 countries.

Impact During Covid-19

In 2020 alone, Afya delivered over 2 million masks and 4 million pieces of PPE across the globe during the COVID-19 crisis. We made over 450 deliveries, including to over 200 partners in the tri-state area and to 20 countries across six continents.

Our Motto: Divert, Sort, Deliver

Our tenacious approach to relief has allowed us to circumvent harrowing conditions to deliver comprehensive aid to those most in need, ultimately bridging the gap between life and death. Afya works with healthcare needs “on the ground.” This is an essential step that allows us to provide just what’s required to address critical health, surgical and humanitarian needs when disasters strike. 

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