Afya is delivering first aid, wound care, personal hygiene supplies, and more to communities struggling this hurricane season & you can help!
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What We Do

Afya provides an environmentally-sensitive, community-oriented solution to help address the critical shortage of medical supplies in underserved communities around the world.

The Afya Foundation collects unused medical supplies and equipment from throughout the New York metro area and gives them a second life.  Domestic regulations require that enormous volumes of supplies must not be reused.  As a result they are destined for local landfills. We ship these critical materials to under resourced and compromised health systems all over the globe thereby improving access to healthcare, the quality of care delivered, and the retention of local providers.

Our model recognizes that each hospital, government and clinic faces disparate public health conditions.  Relying on a cadre of volunteers to sort and pack rescued supplies in order to ship individually tailored shipments to local partners, Afya provides a forum for local communities to contribute globally.  Our capacity to meet immediate humanitarian needs in places devastated by natural disaster, public health crises or international conflicts while simultaneously implementing long-term programs to address chronic health disparities is critical to our future success.  

Afya’s supply shipments are rooted in four core programs.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

Our Approach: We provide just what is needed. Afya works with those already on the ground in impacted regions  to identify the specific, pressing health and humanitarian needs immediately following a disaster, the recovery period and for longer – term support.

Recent program sites: St Vincent Grenadines, Beirut, Texas, Florida, 

Covid-19 Response – New York,  New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah

Elder Care Support

Our Approach: With adequate supplies, caregivers can provide care at home allowing elders to age in place with dignity. Afya works with our partner organizations on ground to help identify the specific, pressing health and humanitarian needs for elders.

Recent program sites: Navajo Nation, Puerto Rico, South Africa (Cape Town Townships)

Health System Strengthening

Our Approach: Bolstering compromised and under-resourced health systems around the world, Afya works with partners to assess their needs and deliver tailored shipments.  Our iterative assessment process ensures that we ship only what is needed.  

Recent program sites: Tanzania, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Bahamas

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) Safety Net

Our Approach: We work with the association of FQHCs in each state to help coordinate our support for that state.  We then work with each health center to customize their shipment. In times of disaster or not, we are there for FQHCs. 

Recent Program Sites: New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas

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