Wild Hope Now

A heartfelt and riveting collection of stories that demonstrate how we can make a difference, help others and invite light to some of life’s darkest moments.

Danielle’s stories are heartbreaking, inspiring and filled with hope. Wild Hope Now is an effective tool to help us spread the word about Afya’s critical work around the world.

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In addition to corporate speaking engagements, Danielle is available in the Tri-State area to speak to large book groups. It’s a remarkable experience to speak with her about her work and passion.


“This book is a revelation. One idea, one person, one movement and the chance to change the world.”

-Seth Godin, author, The Song of Significance

“Danielle’s story shows the power of resilience and, most of all, the power of an idea that can save lives and our planet. Our teams have volunteered with Afya for years, and we’ve seen firsthand her nonprofit’s amazing work and impact.”

-Michael Miebach, CEO of Mastercard

“Wild Hope Now” by Danielle Butin tells her transformative journey as a practitioner who discovers her life’s purpose through aiding others. From a meeting with a physician visiting Tanzania facing struggles and resource shortages, she is inspired to found Afya, an organization dedicated to supplying medical essentials to those in need.

This compelling account showcases Afya’s impactful endeavors, from assisting refugees in Lesvos to providing aid in Puerto Rico post-natural disasters and supporting doctors in Ukraine during times of conflict. Butin’s story emphasizes the essence of taking action, illustrating how even in the midst of adversity, meaningful change can be sparked.

“Wild Hope Now” serves as a rallying call, encouraging readers to recognize the power of initiative and the impact of small actions in creating significant change. Through Butin’s experiences, the book resonates with the idea that waiting for perfection inhibits progress, and it’s the courage to act that births innovation where it’s needed most.

This book is an inspiring testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a reminder that each individual possesses the capacity to make a profound difference. Butin’s narrative ignites a sense of hope and empowerment, urging us all to embrace the challenge, take action, and pave the way for a world where compassion and change prevail.

-Jack Knott, Dean of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University

“Danielle with guts, passion and a heart beyond description turned her dreams into a reality and in turn, made dreams come true for so many others who want to be able to give back in a meaningful, tangible way”

-Nina Freedman

“The story of AFYA is proof that enormous power lives in our capacity to bear witness to great sorrow and see the potential for resilience and hope. I am honored to be part of that story; I consider Danielle an invaluable partner and a a dear friend. From the first moment Danielle and I first worked together in Haiti, AFYA has been an inspiration, proof of all the good that can happen when we take action in community with others. “

-Loune Viaud, Chief Gender and Social Equity Officer, Partners in Health

“So many of us experience a pivotal shift in our lives. I commend Danielle Butin for telling her story and sharing AFYA with the world. The City of Yonkers is proud to be AFYA’s home base and I know readers will be moved to make a difference once they learn more about Danielle’s riveting journey to opening her heart and healing communities across the globe.”

-Mayor Mike Spano, City of Yonkers, NY

About the Author

Danielle N Butin

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Danielle N. Butin, MPH, OTR, Founder and CEO

Danielle Butin’s life changed with an epiphany on the plains of the Serengeti. She had no idea it would change millions of other lives too. As a former healthcare executive, Ms. Butin understood that medical supplies in the United States were being discarded due to federal regulations — millions of pounds of usable medical supplies and equipment are sent to landfills each year.

Danielle conceived of a new concept, rerouting and distributing these supplies to those in need globally. In 2007, she founded the Afya Foundation, a New York-based nonprofit. Since its inception, Afya has rescued and shipped medical supplies and humanitarian aid valued at $63 million to 83 countries while diverting over 9.5 million pounds of waste from landfills. By saving vital supplies from landfills and fighting healthcare inequities, Afya delivers for people and the planet, saving lives and making an immeasurable difference worldwide.

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Speaking Engagements

Danielle speaks to corporations, large and small groups, and book clubs on a variety of topics, including her founder’s story, her new book wild hope now, improving healthcare systems worldwide, and how your two hands can make a difference, to name a few.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

6:00 – 8:00 pm
Grange Hall
West Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard

Wild Hope Now: The Vision of Afya

Danielle Butin will speak about her stories and vision for the future.

6:00 – 7:00 pm speech
7:00 – 8:00 pm reception and book signing

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Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
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Wild Hope Now: The Vision of Afya

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NYU Steinhardt
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The Print Center and Columbia Alumni Association
Philadelphia, PA

Author Talk: Wild Hope Now

Interviewed by Elyse Klayman
Scarsdale Public Library

The Gamut Talks: Danielle Butin interviewed by Seth Godin

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New York State Occupational Therapy Annual Conference

Commencement Speech

Pace University
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Charger Chat: Wild Hope Now

Dominican College
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Wild Hope Now – Always Finding a Better Way

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