We have prepared a few questions for your upcoming book club discussion. We hope enjoyed the book and will have a meaningful conversation. If you have a question you would like to add to our list, please email Enjoy!

1. Danielle believes that “action is the antidote to trauma.” Do you agree? Have you experienced this in your own life?

2. Danielle experiences many moments of extraordinary coincidences throughout the book, many of which she describes as small miracles. Reflecting back, when have you experienced the feeling of coincidence, wonder or amazement?

4. We often find Danielle pushing boundaries for good, and not taking no for an answer. When do you feel it is it appropriate to break the rules? When do rules become unhelpful?

5. Danielle’s story begins with an account of a great upheaval in her life. Why do you think she begins the story of her professional work by providing the context of the difficulties in her personal life?

6. Danielle shares many stories in which the scale of a problem is massive and seems far beyond the reach any single person or organization. She often focuses on her ability to help “just one person.” Where do you go inside of you and how do you react when confronted with big problems or issues?

7. Danielle insists that “we choose separation” and that it is possible to “choose connection” instead. Why do you think people tend to choose separation? How can we pivot to choose connection instead?