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The Crisis

On August 4, two chemical explosions at the port ripped through Beirut, Lebanon, decimating large swaths of the city.

At least 178 people were killed and thousands wounded. 

Weeks later, hospitals remain overwhelmed by people seeking treatment for injuries caused by the explosion and simultaneously by patients with Coronavirus.

Afya’s Plan

Afya is serving as a landing and launching pad for supplies destined for Beirut.

Organizations and individuals across the US who wish to contribute supplies to our response in Beirut are able to send medical supplies and equipment donations.

Visit our Beirut Supplies Page for more information on how to donate supplies.

Afya is working closely with the American University of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon Needs, and other healthcare facilities in Beirut to deliver urgently needed medical supplies and equipment to overwhelmed hospitals and clinics.

In this effort, Afya is collaborating with emergency response organizations, including Direct Relief, ANERA, The American Task Force for Lebanon, and members of the Lebanese diaspora in the US.

The federal government is supporting and has provided clearance for these shipments. They will also provide oversight for shipments when they arrive in Lebanon.

 Help us help survivors of the explosions in Beirut.

Make a significant financial contribution to support this relief effort and get vital material into the hands of Lebanese healthcare professionals.

covid 19 ppe masks donation to community health

Our first shipment of 19 pallets leaving the Afya warehouse in Yonkers on Monday, August 17th.

covid 19 ppe masks donation to community health

American University of Beirut Medical Center after the explosions. Photo credit: Bassam Osman