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In just 10 years, AFYA has rescued over 2000 metric tons of usable medical supplies and equipment from US landfills.

Here’s How, Are You…….

  • A health center, hospital, clinic, community health provider or nursing home with a surplus, usable medical supplies? Click here.
  • An individual with surplus medical supplies at home that were used to sustain the life or aid in the recovery of a loved one? Click Here.
  • A school or corporation with excess office furniture or supplies, e.g. desks, file cabinets, etc.? Click Here.
  • A  “general supply giver” – an individual or organization with goods, gifts, supplies, etc. you’d like to donate to improve lives in underserved communities worldwide? Click Here.


Rescue Afya 2
Rescue Afya 2
Community Based Services, Inc. Sorting For Afya Foundation
Community Based Services, Inc. Sorting For Afya Foundation
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Afya Provides Medical Equipment For Doctors Overseas
Afya Helps Countries With Medical Equipment And Supplies
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