You Are a

Medical Professional

Are You a Medical Professional?

There are many ways volunteers can help Afya achieve its mission.

Volunteer Your Expertise

Everyone has a unique set of skills to share and we welcome all at Afya. If you have experience working with medical supplies or equipment you can play an important role in identifying the medical supplies we receive. By helping us improve our inventory system you are directly impacting our ability to address the specific needs of our partners abroad. From gauze to surgical supplies, we need your help!

Interested In Donating Supplies?

Afya recovers supplies in three general categories:

Equipment and durables that work but are being replaced with newer technology;
Inventory and consumables that are still within expiration date and not damaged;
Operating room or medical floor consumables that were not contaminated during surgery or medical care (e.g. those that were on the back table in surgery and never used or bedside unused medical supplies).

Next Steps

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All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Waiver.

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