How to Volunteer at Afya

in 2020

Afya has been working hard to get PPE to healthcare workers in need since the COVID-19 Crisis began in March.

Volunteers have been in the warehouse sorting medical supplies throughout this time. We keep our volunteers safe by instituting many safety measures.

We have opportunities for volunteers to help us from home & in the warehouse, and for students to intern with us!

Please read this entire page to learn about our safety measures before signing up to volunteer!

We are doing all we can to ensure the safety of all volunteers:

  • Only 15 volunteers per day will be permitted in our warehouse.
  • All volunteers must sign up beforehand; no walk-ins will be permitted.
  • Volunteer hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.
  • All volunteers will fill out a health questionnaire and have their temperatures taken at the start of each volunteer session.
  • All volunteers are required to practice social distancing while at the warehouse.
  • All volunteers will be given a mask and gloves to wear.
  • All surfaces will be regularly cleaned by Afya staff.

Watch this video to learn how we are keeping volunteers safe in the warehouse!

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Volunteer Opportunities:

The Afya Foundation is thrilled to offer many different opportunities for individuals, families, and different groups to become involved in our mission of improving global health!

Please click the following opportunities to learn more:


Internship Opportunities:

The Afya Foundation is pleased to offer the opportunity for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to intern with us.

Student Interns gain experience in nonprofit global humanitarianism, disaster relief, and community-oriented altruism during their time at Afya.

Please visit our internship page to learn about Afya’s internship programs!

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You Can Also Volunteer From Home by Making PPE!


Anyone can either cut the fabric for gowns from a pattern!

Or intermediate seamstresses can sew the pre-cut gowns together using a sewing machine!

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Beginner seamstresses can sew face masks by hand.

Or intermediate seamstresses can use a sewing machine.

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Face Shields

It’s very simple to make face shields from office supplies!

Or advanced 3D printer users can make face shields!

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Volunteer for 25 hours for a T-shirt!

Any volunteer who works for 25 hours or longer (including those making PPE at home) will win an Afya t-shirt! 

Learn more about how to do each of the tasks of sorting at the Afya warehouse by watching all the videos on our Youtube channel!

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