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In just 5 years, Afya has rescued over 2000 metric tons of usable medical supplies and equipment from US landfills.

Are you a health center, hospital, clinic, community health provider or nursing home with a surplus, usable medical supplies?


Are you an individual with surplus medical supplies at home that were used to sustain the life or aid in the recovery of a loved one?


Are you a school or corporation with excess office furniture or supplies, e.g. desks, file cabinets, etc.?


Are you a “miscellaneous giver” – an individual or organization with goods, gifts, supplies, etc. you’d like to donate to improve lives in underserved communities worldwide?

Hospitals and Health Systems

Afya recovers supplies from health systems in three general categories:

Equipment and medical durable

Dead inventory/ consumables within 1 year of the expiration date

Operating Room or Medical Floor consumables that were not contaminated during surgery.

Afya can manage the logistics and transportation of donated goods to our warehouse, from any health center in the United States. We can also provide on-site staff and logistical support to decent hospitals prior to renovations or closing.


Afya provides an opportunity for individuals and bereaved families to donate medical equipment and supplies that were used to sustain the life of their loved one or to aid in recovering from a medical procedure or illness.

Gloria’s Gathering Prayer (to be said when making a donation of medical supplies to help save lives) Please accept these gifts which helped keep alive the one I loved. As my heart has broken from loss and grief, May this gift help to mend others who are now broken of body. May ________________ (person’s name) memory be a blessing of healing through this gift.

*Composed by Chaplain Stephen Roberts – Director: Jack D. Weiler  Chaplaincy Program”  © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Schools and Corporations

In addition to medical supplies and equipment, many of our partners need basic office materials and furnishings for their clinics. Rural healthcare centers often need desks, writing instruments and cabinets to maintain and store patient records, as well as linens, blankets, and towels for their patients. Afya works with corporate donors and schools to collect these types of supplies, which often become available when institutions upgrade their facilities.

Among the supplies that we collect are linens, blankets, towels, hotel carts, office supplies, desks, chairs, whiteboards, bookcases and school supplies.

Schools and Corporations

Afya’s core work often presents opportunities for types of giving that aren’t directly related to improving healthcare in the developing world.  We also accept items that improve lives less directly – things like books and toys, baby supplies, etc.

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