Afya Luggage for Life

 The Afya Luggage for Life program offers a way to get essential medical supplies to underserved health systems.

With a $150 donation, travelers on a medical mission, family vacation, volunteer trip, or study abroad program, can bring an Afya Luggage for Life duffel bag full of life-saving medical supplies to a clinic in need.

Over 1,500 Afya Luggage for Life duffel bags have been delivered worldwide!

Delivering an Afya Luggage for Life duffel bag combines travel, philanthropy, and heart.

Partnership with San Juan Marriott

Afya is proud to announce its partnership with the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino and Accion Social in San Juan.

This partnership will serve vulnerable populations in Puerto Rico by delivering vital medical supplies to the medically frail and elderly.

Puerto Rico

Afya is working closely with front line healthcare workers at Federally Qualified Health Centers and Accion Social to improve the delivery of care island wide.

If you are travelling to Puerto Rico, help people to access healthcare by carrying a bag of vitally needed supplies with you.


If you are traveling to the Bahamas for a medical or other type of disaster relief work, the Afya Foundation is at the ready to support you and your efforts to help those immeasurably impacted by Hurricane Dorian.



Afya is proud to announce its partnership with Ikamva Labantu,  a remarkable organization serving the township communities in Cape Town, South Africa.

You can change a life in Cape Town, one bag at a time.

Are You a…



If you are going on a medical mission, please click here.


If you are going away on holiday and want to bring a Afya Luggage for Life duffel, please click here.

Here's How It Works

Identify a clinic abroad for delivery

Pick a destination clinic for the delivery of bags and ask the clinic for a list of supplies needed (to be packed in the duffel bag).

It is vital to ask the recipient clinic for a list of supplies. Remember that Afya does not ship pharmaceutical medications.

Option 1: Research a clinic close to your hotel, contact the clinic, and ask for a list of supplies needed.

Option 2: Contact your hotel concierge and ask if they have a recommendation for a clinic and determine if you or the concierge will contact the clinic for the list of requested supplies.

Send the completed form to Afya

(with request list of supplies) along with a $150 donation plus shipping to help cover the cost of procuring and storing supplies. Click here for the form.

Pack your duffel at the warehouse, or receive one by mail

If supplies are mailed to you for re-packing, the box will include supplies, a customs clearance letter, and a duffel bag for repacking.

Bon Voyage

Bring the full duffel on your flight and hand-deliver it to the facility in need.  Connect with the local community and improve global health!

Tell the world

Share your experience and photos with your social media network and Afya’s.