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AFYA’s Luggage for Life program offers yet another way to get essential medical supplies to underserved health systems.

Whether you are traveling on a medical mission, family vacation, part of a group trip to volunteer in a remote village, or studying abroad, the Afya Foundation’s Luggage for Life program is a great way for travelers to make a powerful impact in the world.

1500 Luggage for Life Duffel Bags Have Been Delivered Worldwide!

Luggage for Life with AFYA

Here’s how it works:

1. Identify a Clinic Abroad for Delivery:

Pick a destination clinic for the delivery of bags and ask the clinic for a list of supplies needed (to be packed in the duffle bag).

It is vital to ask the recipient clinic for a list of supplies. Afya does not ship pharmaceutical medications

Option 1: Research a clinic close to your hotel and contact the clinic and ask for a list of supplies needed.

Option 2: Contact your Hotel Concierge and ask if they have a recommendation for a clinic and determine if you or the concierge will contact the clinic for the list of requested supplies.

2. Send the completed form to Afya (with request list of supplies) along with a $150 donation to help cover the cost of procuring and storing supplies. CLICK HERE FOR LUGGAGE FOR LIFE ORDER FORM

3. Pack your own duffel or receive a full duffel by mail.

If supplies are mailed to you for re-packing, the box will include supplies, customs clearance letter and a duffel bag for re-packing (cost if shipped=$175)

4. Bon Voyage! Bring the full duffel on your flight and hand-deliver it to the facility in need.  Connect with the local community and improve global health.

5. Share your experience and photos with your social media network and Afya’s:

Delivering a Luggage for Life duffel bag is an extremely valuable and rewarding experience. It combines travel, philanthropy, and heart.

One duffel bag of supplies changes and saves lives!

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