Jeffrey Levien is…. well….. just a “guy”. Perhaps he’d be a “chap” in another country or a “dude” on more casual days. But that’s the simplicity of it. Nothing too heady. I guess for a bio, it is necessary to say that Mr. Levien is a “guy” who has done some “stuff”. You had to have done some “stuff” to warrant a bio and be considered for a Board. And here is where we could insert some inspiring statistics about companies worked for (Greystone, among others), deals transacted ($3.5B), and assets owned (700k sf) that would help make Mr. Levien’s bio seem impressive. After all, Mr. Levien has co-invested with, and advised, some of the most prominent firms in the real estate industry in a broad range of asset classes from residential, office, retail, light industrial, and mixed-use.

But frankly, let’s face it, with a professional career of over 25 years (working for himself, mid-size firms, as well as Managing Director at a company of 5,000) and having experienced being an attorney, real estate developer, private equity fund manager, mortgage banker, NYU educator, husband, father, philanthropist and, yes, even performing comedian, Mr. Levien’s greatest asset is the countless hours he has spent in numerous face to face encounters with others. Mr. Levien has been blessed (or cursed) to sit side by side with, or across the table from, some of the most wonderful (and most difficult) and intelligent (and senseless) people in the business. It’s from the ebb and flows, and frequent (and often humorous) misadventures of a meeting that inform the lessons intertwined in Mr. Levien’s sought-after advice, individual professional endeavors, and hired engagements of public speaking and teaching.

In interviews with colleagues, Mr. Levien has been described as someone that is “fair, tough, ethical and knows what a person is thinking before they do”, as well as “a genuine person who displays compassion and without a doubt is a funny person who wants to enjoy life and its daily follies”. Mr. Levien has been published in several trade publications and has been a featured speaker for his involvement in the transformative historic downtown redevelopment of Quincy, MA. He actively lends his time to charitable organizations providing relief to those in need, including Bridges to Community, Homeless Shelter Programs, Sandy Relief, and Animal Rescue.

Mr. Levien received his B.S.M. in Finance from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University (’88), and a J.D. from Cardozo School of Law (’91). Mr. Levien, his wife, son, and their precious English bulldog, Butch, split time between an apartment in Manhattan, NY and a farm in Charlottesville, VA (cows included).