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Whether you are traveling with a mission group to volunteer in a remote village, studying abroad, or going on Safari with friends, Afya Foundation’s Luggage for Life program is a great way for travelers to make a powerful impact. Luggage for Life is meaningful, environmentally friendly and simple- we provide you with a 50 lb second piece of luggage filled with crucial medical supplies to deliver to your site abroad.

The Luggage for Life duffel carries 50 pounds of supplies – this can include items such as bandages, dressings, gauze, birthkits, syringes, surgical gowns, gloves, sutures, etc.


By delivering a Luggage for Life duffel bag you will…

1. bring medical supplies to hard to reach and underserved clinics, orphanages, and schools.

2. provide facilities with basic, yet essential, medical supplies such as latex gloves or bandages, which are vital to safe and effective medical practices.

3. enrich your visit by connecting with the local community on a meaningful level.

4. give back to the country you are visiting

5. save lives


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Luggage for Life: Stories of Impact and Inspiration



Members of the Newton Presbyterian Church heading to Kenya with LFL bags filled with supplies for clinics



The Straus Family Carries Luggage for Life to Tanzania and again, to Botswana

Strauss family delivers Luggage For Life Supplies to FAME

Strauss family delivers Luggage For Life Supplies to FAME

When the Straus family set off for a vacation in Tanzania, each one of them carried an extra piece of luggage—a duffel bag of medical supplies. Both sons, Alex and Jay, had worked as volunteers in our warehouse and delivering these desperately needed items to the FAME clinic added an exciting dimension of altruism to their trip.


Later, when Alex was a senior in high school, he traveled to Botswana with a youth group. Each teen brought a duffel for the hospital, day care center, or center for the elderly they were planning to visit.

“The kids at Bana Ba Letsatsi were so excited to hear that the bags were full of supplies for their nurse’s office that they literally did flips off the pile of duffels!” Alex told us, adding. “The trip was a really impactful experience. Working at Afya is a good way to truly see your impact by doing hands on work in the warehouse, but it is nothing like the experience of going to the country where the supplies ultimately end up and even seeing them put to use.”



A Chief Resident’s Story

Dr. Karina Haber, Chief OB/GYN Resident at Danbury Hospital, in Uganda

Dr. Karina Haber, Chief OB/GYN Resident at Danbury Hospital, in Uganda

When Karina Haber, chief OB/GYN resident at Danbury Hospital and the founder of STAR International, and her team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, technicians and nurses, headed into Mulago Hospital in Kampala Uganda, they were wearing Afya t-shirts. More importantly, they were carrying duffel bags of equipment Karina had packed at our warehouse. During their first-ever surgical training camp, the team was able to complete 26 OB/GYN procedures while offering invaluable training to the hospital’s Ugandan medical residents. “Because of your tremendous support and contribution of refurbished medical instruments, we had a very successful trip,” Karina emailed us after they returned home.



North Country Mission of Hope Helps Nicaragua

North Country MissionIn April 2015, volunteers from The North Country Mission of Hope Nicaragua visited Afya’s warehouse located in Yonkers, NY. They purchased two “Luggage for Life” bags, containing birthing kits, wound care supplies, nebulizers, basic triage supplies and medicine. These supplies were rapidly consumed on the week-long mission trip in July. During each trip to Nicaragua, they find unique health cases and ask Afya to adapt supplies packed to the required specifications or customized medical packs of particular health conditions.





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