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AFYA Foundation Receives Medical Equipment from Cape Cod

Over the Memorial Day weekend AFYA Foundation, a Yonkers-based global healthcare charity, received a large donation of durable medical equipment from Cape Cod. It is symbolic that it was organized by a war veteran Lt. Colonel (Ret.) LTC(R) Jason Cullinane, who both collected the supplies and drove the truck to AFYA.

Danielle Butin, a Scarsdale native, is Founder and CEO of AFYA Foundation. AFYA has a large base of support in the Scarsdale community. The non-profit provides healthcare supplies globally to areas affected by conflict and disaster. This batch of supplies is destined mostly for Ukraine, where ongoing conflict has created a critical need for medical assistance. “The AFYA Foundation is dedicated to supporting Ukraine over the long term. These durable medical equipment items will significantly help in meeting the rehabilitation needs of thousands. By combining donations of supplies and funding, AFYA can achieve its most substantial and supportive impact.”-Danielle Butin, Founder and CEO AFYA Foundation.

Starting in March LTC(R) Cullinane organized and spearheaded a community-wide donation drive on Cape Cod. The initiative received an overwhelming response, with residents and the Local Freemasons at Cape Cod HELP ( contributing lifts, hospital beds, wheelchairs, bandages, and other essential medical equipment. The effort collected over 100 walkers, over 50 pairs of crutches, 3 hoya lifts, 5 wheelchairs, dozens of boots, hospital beds, canes, and over a dozen large bins filled with essential medical items. David Hill of the Local Freemasons said “Cape Cod HELP always has plenty of donated durable medical equipment available for free to anyone who needs it. We were delighted to participate in this medical equipment drive.”

“Seeing the community come together to support those in need has been truly inspiring,” said Jason Cullinane. “As a veteran, I understand the devastating impact of war, and I am grateful to everyone in Falmouth who contributed to this cause. It’s our way of showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine and providing them with the necessary resources to save lives and alleviate suffering.”

The effort received wholehearted support in Scarsdale. Max Grudin, Ph.D has helped to coordinate the delivery to Afya. Says Dr. Grudin: “Afya Foundation is a charity with local roots and a global reach. Many thanks to Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Cullinane for his energy to raise awareness on Cape Cod and to drive the medical supplies himself with his wife and two young children. It is symbolic that they have done it over the Memorial Day weekend. I was frankly astonished to hear how many Cape Cod residents and organizations have answered the call. Every single donated item is a story of human support and care. Cape Cod – thank you very much! We are also grateful to Nick Buchen for helping with unloading the truck, to the Village administration for coordinating the parking as well as to the Congregational Church for providing the parking space”.

The Cullinane-Honjo family extends their heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the donation drive, the Masons, The Falmouth High School Cheerleaders, individual donors as well as those who donated their time to load and organize the supplies. This initiative is a testament to the power of community and the profound impact collective action can have in addressing global crises.