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Social Media Intern Reflections

Diana Lichtenstein

When Covid-19 cases began to rise across the globe, I never imagined that I could make a difference in the catastrophic reality. The thought of being a part of something bigger than myself did not cross my mind.

After learning that my Sophomore year at college was going to be cut short, I was angry and disheartened. These emotions initially masked my ability to recognize the severe effects of the virus.

If it were not for The Afya Foundation, I  would not feel connected to the hardships of both the doctors working on the front lines, and the patients fighting to survive. These people need support and this is why The Afya Foundation is such a crucial and commendable non-profit organization. 

Before the Covid-19 crisis, Afya sent medical supplies to underdeveloped and under resourced places in need of support, such as after crises or natural disasters. During COVID-19, Afya transitioned to  providing healthcare facilities with the personal protective equipment necessary to help mitigate the crisis. Afya has delivered PPE to over 150 healthcare facilities and has distributed over 700,000 masks. 

I currently work remotely as a social media intern, handling Afya’s social media management. When sorting through pictures of volunteers or healthcare workers for various media platforms, the united goal of all helping is apparent and warms my heart.

I will look back years from now and know that this pandemic was not just an entity that didn’t concern me, but rather a crisis in which I was able to help the most vulnerable.