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GOVERNOR CUOMO ANNOUNCES ADDITIONAL STATE POLICE, NYPA WORKERS, PORT AUTHORITY EMERGENCY PERSONNEL DEPLOYED TO PUERTO RICO TO ASSIST WITH ONGOING EMPIRE STATE RELIEF AND RECOVERY EFFORT 72 Port Authority Emergency Personnel to Assist in Coordinated Recovery Efforts 53 Troopers Deployed to Assist with Security Operations 10 Power Transmission and Generation Experts, Project Managers Deploy to […]

Stepping Stones to Success


Occupational Therapy Student Intern Blog Reflections Jessica Taveras Throughout my first couple of years in college, I switched majors regularly. I considered becoming a teacher, social worker and even a historian. None of those choices felt ‘right.’ I was only sure of one thing; helping people realize their full potential is what felt gratifying for […]

The History of Healthcare Services for Native American Elderly & its Implications for Covid-19 Relief


Native Americans have the highest rate of Coronavirus infections in the United States. Native elders, crucial keepers of tribal culture and heritage, are most susceptible to infection and subsequent complications. A history of inadequate healthcare services and poor infrastructure in Native American reservations undermine Covid-19 relief efforts for Native elderly. Now, the Afya Foundation is partnering with local healthcare organizations to provide customized support to Native elders across the US. By caring for Indigenous elders, Afya is investing in the future of tribal culture and heritage.

50 Shades of Occupational Therapy


Sixteen years ago, my father had emergency surgery, and as a result he suffered a minor stroke. He was sent to rehabilitation where he received occupational therapy (OT). I was with him everyday. There, I discovered OT and what it provided to my father in order for him to live a functional life while living with physical, mental and emotional challenges. I realized that I wanted to be a part of the world of OT and provide people with various abilities opportunities to be their best self they can be.

A College Student’s Perspective in the Middle of a Global Pandemic


The Coronavirus has drastically impacted every sphere of private and public life this year. As a college student, I feel this keenly. Nothing about this school year has been normal. I never would have imagined that Covid-19 would be such a central theme in my life, but I feel lucky to have the opportunity to live off-campus, have a small community, communicate in person with my professors, and make a difference with Afya during this turbulent time.

Why I Chose Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Volunteers

Occupational Therapy Student Intern Blog Reflections Miranda O’Brien, NYU November 4, 2020 I decided to become an Occupational Therapist while growing up with my younger brother who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I saw him face challenges to achieve academic success, socialize, and become independent. I want to be an Occupational Therapist to support […]