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Organizing The Bike A Thon For Beirut

Bike-A-Thon Beirut

Emma Centenni

High School Student at The Ursuline School


October 13, 2020


When I first heard about the explosions in Lebanon, my first thought was how awful it must be for all of the victims because of the destruction, death, and injuries the explosions caused. In the next couple of days, as I saw more reports on the news, I started to truly see how devastating the explosions were for Beirut. I realized that I wanted to do something to help. 


When I began to organize the Bike-A-Thon for Beirut, I was overwhelmed because of all of the different details that needed to be figured out. At times it was discouraging, but when I reminded myself why I was organizing the fundraiser, it helped me overcome any frustrations. I had never organized something big through my school, Ursuline, and an organization like Afya, so I was nervous about organizing this event!


When everything started to come together, all of my anxiety was replaced by excitement that I really was going to be able to help those in Lebanon. With hard work and help from my school and Afya, everything worked out.

During the Bike-A-Thon, everyone had a ton of fun! They sent me pictures of them biking. I loved seeing everyone enjoying themselves, getting exercise, and simultaneously helping the victims of the Beirut explosion! 


When the fundraiser was over, I saw that I had exceeded my goal by raising $1,800. I felt very happy, excited, and grateful that I was able to raise money to help Beirut. I am grateful to everyone who helped me organize the Bike-A-Thon, every person who participated, and Ursuline and the Afya Foundation for working together. 


I am grateful to this experience because I gained knowledge from organizing the Bike-A-Thon for Beirut that I know I will use later in life. Most of all, I am extremely happy that I was able to facilitate a fundraiser that will help buy and send medical supplies to survivors in Lebanon!