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Protecting Our Frontline Healthcare Workers

AFYA Foundation

Afya is accustomed to responding to needs with supplies – we listen carefully and act. In 11 years, we have shipped close to 10 million pounds of supplies worldwide.

Today, right here in New York, the need for action and the volume of need for protective supplies is indescribable.

I am not interested in the why’s right now – it’s a distraction from our focused work. I am interested in protecting those who protect us.

Hospitals, federally qualified health centers, and community organizations all need to protect their frontline.

We have to embolden community organizations and health centers with supplies so that they can manage care, on site, for the community they serve.

This is the Big Apple – we must keep our fiercely devoted and courageous healthcare workforce protected.

All of our lives depend on it.

– Danielle Butin, MPH, OTR