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The Afya Foundation provides organizations around the world with donated medical supplies, including

  • Consumable Medical Supplies

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Surgical Equipment

  • Biomedical Equipment

Afya’s fee-for-service shipments enables organizations with limited resources to access medical supplies at a significant discount from fair market values.

Because Afya receives donated medical supplies from hospitals, we are able to provide those supplies much more cheaply than traditional supply chains. Operations, personnel, shipping, and other costs require Afya to charge clients for our services.

Our Biomedical Department enables us to improve the lifespan of donated equipment. All biomedical equipment and instrumentation must pass AAMI, BSI, WHO, and FDA standards before it leaves the Afya warehouse.

Afya invites healthcare practitioners and administrators to identify needed medical supplies and equipment and request supplies from Afya. Afya responds to requests based on available inventory and may not be able to fully satisfy every request. Please submit a request to view the cost structure before beginning the process of requesting supplies. 


Cost Structure

Supply recipients are asked to fund a percentage of the total cost of rescuing, testing, sorting, warehousing, and packing their shipment.

Steps involved

See the steps involved in receiving a custom shipment of the supplies your organization needs.

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To request medical supplies and equipment, please request the cost structure info sheet below

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