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  • #deliverababytoday

    Join Afya's campaign of delivering 10,000 birth kits to Ghana by Mothers Day 2015. Your donation of $25.00 can make the difference between life and death for an expectant mother and her newborn baby.
  • Custom Containers: Supplies for Life

    Afya first asks that recipient hospitals and clinics create a “wish-list” of the supplies and equipment they need. Afya then uses its broad network of donors to do its best to match these requested items.
  • Haiti Rehab Project

    AFYA developed the first model for homecare and local access to rehab medicine; it is unlike any other in Haiti. This program continues to thrive and expand. It involves training Haitians to become Rehab Techs or Adaptive Builders.
  • Luggage For Life

    The Afya Foundation’s Luggage for Life program is an easy way to give back to the community you are visiting and spread good health.
Scott Goodson Writes About Students and Ebola

Read Full Story at Huffington Post Here: During the plague, children made up songs to ease their fears. “Husha, husha we all fall down” they sang as they danced around the rosie with pockets full of posies. As we approach Halloween, the legacy of disease lives on in children’s minds, as the scariest monster now must be Ebola. Ebola is on everyone’s lips. Especially among children. Ebola is what they’re talking about in school yards across the country, if my kids are anything to go on. Like any monster, this one has got them worried. The current outbreak, which the World Health Organization called “the most severe, acute health emergency seen in modern times,” has infected nearly 10,000 people and killed more ...

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