Afya's Vision

To make a positive impact on the health of people in developing countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

Afya's Mission

Afya collects and delivers critically needed surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment, and humanitarian provisions for acute and ongoing health crises worldwide.

accomplishments to date:

$26,000,000 worth of medical and humanitarian supplies shipped and airlifted abroad

6,000,000 pounds of medical and humanitarian supplies shipped abroad

1,200,000 pounds of supplies sent to the Philippines immediately after Typhoon Haiyan, to Haiti and Japan in the wake of their respective earthquakes and to Pakistan after its devastating floods in 2012.

4500 patients treated in Afya clinics in Port au Prince, Haiti since the 2010 earthquake

720 adaptive building projects completed by Afya builders in our patients’ homes in Port au Prince since 2011

53 African, Caribbean, Latin American and Asian countries that Afya has worked in to support local health missions

33 Haitian men and women employed by Afya as rehab techs and adaptive builders in Port au Prince 

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