Support AFYA’S Birth Kits For Safe Deliveries!

Support AFYA’S Birth Kits For Safe Deliveries Campaign!

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Help us collect supplies for birth kits. Please collect or purchase one of the following items:

baby blankets
baby beanie hats
infant diapers
sanitary pads
soap and/or hand sanitizer.

It is important to include a financial donation (suggested $15) in your box of supplies, to help pay shipping costs abroad.

Other Ways To Take Action

1. Purchase and deliver a Luggage For Life Duffel Bag of Birth Kits to a clinic abroad.
2. Start or support an Afya Club to raise funds for packing and shipping birth kits

Maternal Health Facts In Developing Nations:

Every hour in the developing world, 33 women die in childbirth.  600 babies are born dead or die within weeks of birth.

99% of these deaths occur in developing countries and among women from poor or rural communities.

In 2013, 6.3 million children died under the age of five, which is almost 17,000 children each day.

Infant mortality rates are 13 times higher in developing countries than they are in high-income countries.

The devastating truth behind this unacceptable loss of life is that, for the most part, it is preventable.  In fact, 5.9 million children under 5 die from preventable causes and 52% of maternal deaths can be attributed to highly preventative causes like hemorrhage and sepsis, which can be prevented with the proper (basic) supplies.


How We Work

Our mission is to improve maternal and children’s health by providing midwives, community healthcare workers and physicians with the supplies they need to safely care for mothers and newborns. The majority of maternal and infant deaths occur because healthcare workers do not have a sufficient amount of basic medical supplies, including gauze, sanitary material to prevent infection and sutures.

Afya’s birth kits include: sanitizer, plastic gloves and sheeting, razors, umbilical ties, diapers, baby blankets and hats, and rain gear for midwives who deliver babies in challenging environmental conditions. We collect the supplies for birth kits and our volunteers sort and pack them at our warehouse. We have distributed over 3,000 birth kits through our Luggage for Life program and in maternal health container shipments.

Afya in Action: Case Example of Advancing Maternal Health Worldwide

 When Danielle spoke at the 2nd African First Ladies Health Summit and Business Roundtable in LA several years ago, she distributed Afya Luggage for Life duffel bags full of medical supplies to each of the ten First Ladies in attendance. Mathilde Amissah-Arthur, the Second Lady of Ghana, quickly focused on our maternal health program. Because most births in Ghana take place at home or in rural health centers, she was drawn to our birth kits—simple packets of basic tools that allow traditional birth attendants to deal with most situations that arise in their work.

“The Second Lady immediately recognized the beauty of honoring the traditions of her country while at the same time making the birth experience safer for both mothers and babies,” Danielle says. We worked with the Ghanaian government and Mrs. Amissah-Arthur to organize three 32,000-lb. shipments of hospital beds, surgical supplies and birth kits to Ghana, where the Second Lady distributed many of the Afya birth kits herself.