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Each year, American hospitals discard 7,000 tons of clean, usable medical supplies worth over $20 billion. Brand new consumable supplies are disposed of due to stringent regulations or inventory turn over. Critical pieces of equipment, such as baby warmers or ultrasound machines, are discarded when hospitals and clinics upgrade to newer models.

“Afya has been very instrumental in helping us get medical equipment and supplies to clinics and health centers related to our partners in Kenya. They have helped pack duffel bags and provided assistance with manifests and customs clearance. They are a fantastic resource! We cannot say enough good about them!” Don McCord – Newton Presbytery

Healthcare centers in developing countries are in dire need of these life-saving materials and our mission is to recover these supplies so that thousands of people around the world have access to them.We worth with a range of public health partners, from a country’s minister of health to individual doctors and nurses. Our partners can request 40-ft. container loads of supplies, which can carry 25,000 lbs. of material or pallets of supplies. If you are interested in a 50 lb. duffel bags, please CLICK HERE for Afya’s Luggage For Life Program.

If you are intersted in working with Afya, please fill out the form below or send an inquiry e-mail to
Upon completion of this application, please attach a list of requested materials including equipment, durable furniture and consumable/disposable medical supplies in a table format. Do not include pharmaceutical medications on this list.

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