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Category Archives: Deliveries

What Being an OT Means To Me

I have always known that I wanted to be in a helping profession where [...]

If You Believe in Yourself, Anything Is Possible

Occupational Therapy Student Intern Blog Reflections Annabel V Paredes, Student at NYU During my undergrad [...]

The History of Healthcare Services for Native American Elderly & its Implications for Covid-19 Relief

Native Americans have the highest rate of Coronavirus infections in the United States. Native elders, [...]

Stepping Stones to Success

Occupational Therapy Student Intern Blog Reflections Jessica Taveras Throughout my first couple of years in [...]

Seeing A Need & Giving Back

Occupational Therapist Student Intern Blog Reflections Luz Garrido I am a Dominican Republic native that [...]

Helping Survivors of Apartheid in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa needs our help and supplies during this crisis. [...]

Contributing to Something Bigger

I currently work remotely as a social media intern. During COVID-19, Afya transitioned to [...]

Learning and Expressing Gratitude

Despite being quarantined, with the world seemingly coming to a stop, it is important to [...]

An Outlet to Help During the Pandemic

What can a 16-year-old girl possibly do to help in the fight against a virus [...]

Words and Actions Regarding Our Current Crisis

People notice actions. Active engagement and experience can shift hate. It challenges perspective and often [...]